La Terraza Restaurant, Bar & Lounge

La Terraza Restaurant, Bar & Lounge


La Terraza is a beautiful restaurant, bar and lounge that extends from the main lodge house, spilling over onto quaint terraces for those who wish to breakfast or dine outside in nature. Here you will enjoy amazing views of the lake at the level of the birds that sing their eternal songs. The lounge and bar area is made elegantly cosy by a large fireplace with an open flame fire, sofas and seating for relaxation. Perfect for before and after dinner.


How do you prefer to start your day? With a light breakfast of fruit juice? Fresh fruit and aromatic coffee? Or do you take elevenses in style with chilaquiles or eggs cooked just as you like them? La Terraza Restaurant has a delicious selection of breakfast options for both early birds and those who like to lie-in. And why not? A mountain retreat lie Sierra Lago is just the place to do exactly what you feel, no pressure, no schedule.


La Terraza is the preferred venue for dining, depending on the size and requirements of the groups that might be enjoying the resort and visitors’ preferences. At night, you will find La Terraza transforms into a magical restaurant, bathed in candlelight and a cosy ambience. The farmhouse gourmet menu will leave you spoiled for choice between choosing what you loved so much yesterday and venturing for something new from the menu.

Before or after dining, you may also wish to enjoy a drink or two by the fire or a glass of wine as you watch for shooting stars in the clear night’s sky.