Cumple Mascota su Segundo Aniversario como Pueblo Mágico

Established by the Secretariat of Tourism in Mexico in 2001, the Pueblos Mágicos (Magical Village) program draws much-deserved attention to enchanting towns throughout the country that offer tourists a “magical” experience through attributes such as historical relevance, rich culture, and traditions, or natural beauty. Although its sunny beachfront destinations will always be a big draw for tourism, Mexico has far more to offer visitors, both national and foreign, who are looking for unique experiences in remarkably charming settings. The distinction as one of
Mexico’s Pueblos Mágicos is an absolute honor, not only for the towns themselves but for the residents who have thoughtfully maintained the rich cultures, traditions and historical wealth for the next generations to enjoy.

Honoring Mascota

The state of Jalisco has a wealth of fabulous tourist opportunities, and it recently had two more of its towns named as Pueblos Mágicos: Talpa de Allende and Mascota, respectively, made the prestigious list. This past September 25th, the delightful town of Mascota celebrated its second anniversary since being added to the celebrated list of Pueblos Mágicos. The townspeople of Mascota are very proud of this extraordinary distinction and therefore wanted to show their
appreciation with a gathering that marked this significant date.

Escape to Mascota


Mascota provides an idyllic mountainside getaway, with beautiful landscapes covered in trees such as firs, oaks and pines. The town is roughly a two hour drive from the beachside destination of Puerto Vallarta, and around a three and a half hour drive from Guadalajara, which is Jalisco’s capital city. Mascota is home to several hotels that provide a range of accommodations for visitors. A stay at the ultra-luxurious Sierra Lago Resort & Spa, where you
will enjoy views of a pristine lake and the surrounding mountains from the privacy of your own cabin, is sure to make your escape to Mascota out of this world!

Things to See and Do

Considering Mascota is surrounded by a great deal of natural beauty, outdoor activities are a popular way to spend your time there and get to know the area better. Nature lovers are sure to enjoy activities such as hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, cycling and boating. There are several breathtaking sites to visit including the Yerbabuena and Juanacatlán Lagoons, the Corrinchis Dam, the Ixcatán waterfall, Ocotillo and Tacote Canyons, the Molcajete Volcano and
the El Malpais Petrified Field.

Stroll along the dazzling streets and take in the spectacular sights including the town’s noteworthy architecture and stunning gardens. The Archaeological Museum of Mascota is definitely worth visiting, where you can explore four exhibition areas which display hundreds of artifacts such as bones, ceramics and stone. Satisfy your cravings with local delicacies such as homemade candies, cookies and fruit preserves and wash it all down with some raicilla, which is a distilled beverage similar to tequila.

When you are ready for a delightful getaway off of the beaten tourist path, head to the Pueblo Mágico of Mascota!