Magical Mascota’s 2nd Anniversary

Cumple Mascota su Segundo Aniversario como Pueblo Mágico

Established by the Secretariat of Tourism in Mexico in 2001, the Pueblos Mágicos (Magical Village) program draws much-deserved attention to enchanting towns throughout the country that offer tourists a “magical” experience through attributes such as historical relevance, rich culture, and traditions, or natural…

Por qué visitar Sierra Lago

Why Visit Sierra Lago?

Situated in the picturesque Sierra Madre Mountains along the shores of a breathtaking lake, Sierra Lago Resort & Spa provides an incredible escape from everyday life. If you are searching for a relaxing vacation where you can fully appreciate the…

Conoce el Museo Arqueológico de Mascota

Mascota’s Archaeological Museum

As an area that was once populated by the Teco Indian tribe, it should come as no surprise that Mascota’s name is not derived from the Spanish language (which would literally translate to “pet”), but that of the Teco. In…