How Many Guests Should you Invite to Your Wedding?

Every couple is unique, and every wedding should be a reflection of that, including the size of its guest list.  Deciding on the right number for you will depend on a variety of things including your personal style, your budget, the size of your families and the number of friends you want to join you on your big day.  Take some time to weigh the pros and cons of having a big wedding versus a small one. Remember, you can’t please everyone, so make this personal choice based on what will make you and your future spouse happy.  Here is a closer look at some of the pros and cons of both big weddings and smaller celebrations:

Big Weddings

Big Weddings

Pro It’s basically a giant party – If you want a lively atmosphere, a big wedding will make you smile, where the excitement is sure to lead to a packed dance floor and hours of reception fun.

Con It’s not as personal – Remember that inviting a large guest list means you will need to greet them all, leaving you less time with those you hold near and dear.

Pro Creating the guest list is simple – Instead of stressing over how many guests you have to remove from your list, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing no one will be left out.   

Con It might cost more – The more mouths to feed, cocktails to toast with, tables and chairs, decorations and flowers, a large enough venue, etc., the more you will likely spend.  

Pro More gifts will come your way – If you are moving into a new place together or trying to update what you own, having a big wedding is a surefire way to receive things you need.  

Con It takes a lot of planning – With so many details to deal with, big weddings can be a headache to plan without help.  Consider hiring a wedding planner or a Day Of coordinator to handle all the small stuff you won’t have time for.  

Small Weddings

Small Weddings

Pro It feels more personal – Inviting only family and close friends will allow you to enjoy more quality time with them.  

Con You might offend those without an invite – With a small guest list, you may end up hurting the feelings of people who aren’t included in your celebration.  

Pro You should have less to plan – From sending fewer invitations to having more venue options, planning a small wedding is generally an easier, smoother task.

Con More responsibility on your shoulders – It is common to forego the help of a wedding planner with a small wedding, which means you will need to juggle every detail yourselves.

Pro You can budget for some splurges –  You should save money by inviting fewer guests, which translates to more flexible spending on whatever is important to you, whether that means buying a more elaborate dress or hiring the best photographer in town.   

Con An energetic party is harder to achieve – Envisioning a spirited reception filled with raucous laughter, dancing and fun?  While you are sure to have a great time at your wedding, no matter how small the crowd, fewer people there can instantly set a more mellow tone.  A great live band or DJ can help get the party started and keep it going.