Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions applicable to the website sierralagoresort.com. By accessing this page, you agree to all its terms, without limitation or any other criteria.


- Reservations can be made online www.sierralagoresort.com or by our Call Center.

- The hotel requires that reservations are made before your arrival.

- Reservations are considered confirmed only when a guaranteed deposit is received.

- Any questions concerning reservations are not answered automatically, but individually with a response within 2 business days.

- The hotel reserves the right to refuse entry and accommodation to a guest for any behavior deemed inappropriate while on resort property, whether upon arrival, during your stay, or on previous visits.

- All reservations are on an all-inclusive plan. We do not accept Room Only reservations.


- The rates posted on the Sierra Lago Resort & Spa website are per two adults per night.

- Special promotional rates are only valid when you book online www.sierralagoresort.com Sierra Lago Resort & Spa, Mascota, Jalisco.

- Once agreed, prices published in U.S. dollars (USD) will be exchanged into the local currency (MXN).

- All rates include VAT as well as tourist and government taxes.

- Accommodation prices are correct at time of publication and are subject to change without notice.


- Check-in or arrival time is after 15:00

- Check-out or departure time is before 12:00

- Late departures after 4:00 pm for All-Inclusive plan will be subject to a fee 50% of night rate per person.


- A deposit is required to guarantee your reservation, although subject to change depending on the season booked.

- The outstanding balance is payable on completion of your stay.

- The deposit should be sent to Sierra Lago Resort & Spa with a copy sent by email or fax.

- Reservations of promotions or special offers are subject to a deposit equal to fifty percent of the cost of the whole stay, with the outstanding balance paid on arrival.

- Deposits may also be made by means of a Letter of Authorization in which you include your credit card information.


- A credit/debit card is required to secure a reservation.

- Payments should be made to Sierra Lago Resort & Spa.

- Should you provide details of a credit card, we will use your confidential information for the sole purpose of processing your payment.

- A deposit is required (includes room rate, tax and service fees) at the time of your reservation confirmation.

- Government-issued photo identification and a credit card are required at check-in for incidental charges.

- For your own safety, cash payments are not accepted. The food and services, as well as direct reservations on the property, the payment will be by credit card and/or debit.

Changes, Cancellations and No-Show Policy

Confirmation of any change to a reservation is subject to room availability.

Sierra Lago Resort & Spa reserves the right to charge your credit card with a cancellation fee equivalent to the number of nights booked.

Cancellation fees are determined according to the season:

- High Season - Cancellation 15 days prior to your arrival will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to one night’s accommodation.

- Winter High Season - 30 days prior to your arrival will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to your full stay / total number of rooms booked.

- Low season - 3 days prior to your arrival will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to one night’s accommodation.

 Our Seasons

Seasons for the purpose of reservations are:

High Season:

- February 3 - 5

- March 15 - 18

- April 16 - 22

- September 13 - 16

- November 15 -19

Winter High Season:

- December 23 - January 3

Low Season

- Rest of the year

You will be charged the full cost of your reservation for no shows and cancellations from the first day of the confirmed booking.

You will be charged the full cost of your reservation for short or incomplete stays.

The cancellation policy is not valid for non-refundable specials.

Minimum Stay

- Holidays: 2 night

- Christmas and New year:  3 nights

- Easter: 5 nights

About All-Inclusive Plan

- Guests under 12 years of age are considered children.

- Unless expressly stipulated herein, no changes or cancellations are allowed for promotional bookings.

Hotel Services

Some of the services within the Hotel are free while others require a minimal fee. Please confirm when booking or contact us in order to avoid confusion.

The hotel is not and will not be liable for any loss or damage to property owned or under the custody of the Client or their clients, employees, agents or contractors or external suppliers. The hotel provides safety deposit boxes for clients’ use at their own risk.

With the exception of guide dogs, no pets allowed.


Inside the property of the Hotel is not allowed:

- Introduce foods or beverages of any kind, without exception.

- Food preparation inside the cabins.

- Introduce pets or livestock.

- Introduce pillows, sheets, quilts or other bed linen.

- Introduce electric equipment and/or appliances for heating and/or cooking.

Sierra Lago Resort & Spa reserves the right to immediately remove and/or confiscate any of the items mentioned if found in any of the rooms without notice. You will also be charged for any costs incurred in taking such action.

 Guest Behavior

Guests are expected to behave in an orderly and acceptable fashion at all times and not to hinder the enjoyment of other guests. We reserve the right to immediately terminate your booking and the reservations of any other group members if we consider their conduct to be a breach of this clause.

The kind of behavior that we consider inappropriate include, but are not limited to

- Inappropriate levels of noise or disturbances.

- Drunk or unruly behavior.

- Any behavior that seems offensive to other guests or staff.

- The use of speakers or music is prohibited in hotel areas including the pool and restaurants.

- Entering the pool with clothing other than bathing suits.

We will act reasonably when determining the need to take action on this clause.

In the event that we cancel your reservation, you will be required to leave your accommodation immediately. You will be responsible for any damage or loss caused by either you or any member of your group. Full payment for any damage or loss must be paid before departure. If you do not make the payment, you will be responsible for meeting any claims (including legal costs) made subsequently by us as a result of your actions, together with all costs we incur in pursuing any claim against you.

Our obligations to you culminate when the booking is terminated. We shall have no obligation to refund lost property and are not responsible for expenses or costs incurred as a result of the termination.