Mountain Hike Actividades al aire libre


For those in good shape and eager for an adventure into the Sierra Madre Mountains, our Mountain Hike activity that takes place every day (except Wednesdays) will get your blood pumping at high altitude and your limbs fully exercised. The idyllic Mountain Hike is guided by an expert in the natural surroundings at Sierra Lago, who will lead you through the majesty of mother nature as far as La Bufa at the top of one of the most picturesque mountains.

The length of the hike will depend on the fitness of those who wish to take part in the free activity and can be made shorter to accommodate guests’ preferences, bearing in mind that it can be quite steep in places. Likewise, when planned previously with the guide, you can reach the top of the mountain by climbing, which will take about half an hour longer

On the Mountain Hike, you can expect to see a range of harmless wildlife, such as deer, rabbits, birds, red tailed eagles and woodpeckers and also enjoy extraordinary views of Mascota, Valle de Galope and volcanoes in the distance.